Thursday, September 17, 2009

Doc Central coming soon!

DocCentral is a simple, efficient, no-cost solution that allows real estate professionals to digitize, organize and share their documents online.
If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for DocCentral please contact Chris Makowski at 203 840-6674 ext 228.
Real estate professionals who manage and organize their documents on DocCentral can now automate the entire contract lifecycle and secure signatures in a more simplified and streamlined process than the traditionally slow “print-ship-sign-copy-return-scan-fax" cycle. Save paper, time, and aggravation by managing your real estate transaction documentation online with DocCentral.
Documents are stored on secure servers and accessible online 24/7 by agents and any other authorized transaction participants. By taking transaction documentation off laptops and out of filing cabinets, DocCentral eliminates redundancy, safeguards information, and provides an audit trail for today’s increasingly complex real estate transactions. With DocCentral’s offsite storage, courier costs are virtually eliminated while customer service is enhanced. DocCentral will be made available to all GFC CMLS members in late October 2009. Training will begin in mid-October.