Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft released the latest version of their new web browser, Internet Explorer 8 as a Windows High-priority update.

Fidelity is in the process of testing it for compatibility with RE/Xplorer and Paragon. Once it is compatible, we will post a message on our website (, at which point it will be OK to download it.

Until then, please do not install any version of Internet Explorer 8, as your GFC CMLS programs will not work properly with it yet.
If you have already installed IE 8, please call your GFC CMLS Technical department for help uninstalling it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Listingbook Learning Community

With the new Listingbook Learning Community, members of the GFC-CMLS can get Context based help while they are logged-in to Listingbook.

Click on Front Page near the top of the screen, and a box near the bottom right corner will change to topics that relate to the Front Page menu. If they click on Quick Search, they’ll see items relating to the Quick Search, and so on.

The Help Page can always be reached at the Blue Line (tool bar) at the top. There is also a FAQ section that helps answer many questions GFC-CMLS Listingbook users may have.