Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Settings for RE/Xplorer and Windows 7

If you have a computer that is running Windows 7 and would like to make it compatible with RE/Xplorer, we have created a step-by-step guide that walks you through the settings that need to be configured.

Please click here for the instructions.

As always, if it is during our normal business hours and you'd like a GFC CMLS technician to walk you through the configurations, or take over your computer and do it for you, please do not hesitate to call us.

These instructions are also applicable if you have recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 and need to make RE/Xplorer compatible with it.

January Class Schedule

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01/26-Paragon-6:00 pm Webinar will be held as scheduled

01/28-REXplorer-1:30 pm @ CMLS (Norwalk)

01/27-REXplorer Advanced-9:30 am @ CMLS (Norwalk)
Postponed until February 3rd at 9:30 am

Monday, January 24, 2011

MFCAR Special Event February 7th

The Mid-Fairfield County Association of Realtors invites you to hear Congressman Jim Himes and State Senator Bob Duff talk about the Economy, Jobs, National & State Deficits, Frannie & Freddie, the Mortgage Crisis, Bank Forclosures, Possible Repeal of Mortgage Interest Deduction and in general, the tone of governing in Washington and Hartford.

Monday, February 7th at the Westport Country Playhouse from 9 am to 11 am. $5 per person and a reservation is required. Contact the Mid-Fairfield Board at 203 227-4418 for additional information.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Continuing Education Class

The Stamford Board of Realtors is hosting Connecticut Real Estate Agents Fiduciary Duties Review and Law Update, Thursday, Janaury 27th 2011 9:15 am to 12:30 pm. $25 Members/ $40 non-members. Contact the Stamford Board at 203 327-1433 for additional information.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Update on Paragon Comcast email issue

LPS has gotten Comcast to whitelist the Paragon email servers for 48 hours so that the backlog of Paragon emails can get through to Comcast recipients. They should be caught up within a couple of hours.

In an effort to try and avoid future incidents, please go through all of the contacts you have set up for automatic email (in Paragon and RE/Xplorer)and make sure that you have a valid email address for them. If you have contacts that are no longer active and should not be receiving automatic emails, please make sure to set them to inactive, or delete them from the system. Cutting back on the amount of unnecessary emails being sent can help reduce the liklihood of another blacklist situation.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Important changes concerning Remarks, Internet Remarks, and Public Remarks

The GFC CMLS is in the process of making changes to the remarks sections that appear on listing reports that are viewed, printed, and emailed from our programs (PC Access, RE/Xplorer, Paragon, Listingbook, reInsight Mobile). We are changing the focus of our two remarks sections so that they will become more useful and informative to both GFC CMLS users and consumers.

In the near future, what is currently known as “Remarks” will be renamed “Agent Remarks”, and what is currently known as “Internet Remarks” will be renamed “Public Remarks”.
Listing reports will then be altered so that the appropriate remarks field will display based on the report that is selected. The following reports, which are intended for distribution to clients and customers, will display only the “Public Remarks” section: Public Handout, Public with Map, Summary Photo, Combo, and 4-Up Photo, while the Book and Full Input reports, which are intended for distribution among agents and MLS members, will display both the “Agent Remarks” and “Public Remarks” sections. Additionally the Book, and Full Input reports will be redesigned so that the “Public Remarks” section will display immediately following the “Agent Remarks” section.

We expect these changes will be made by the end of January and will notify you a day or two before they will be put in place. We encourage you to check both your Active and recent Off-Market listings now and ensure they have both of these remarks fields populated correctly. Specifically, it is important that you check the field currently known as “Internet Remarks” as there are currently over 5,000 listings that have no information in this section at all. If these listings are not updated once the aforementioned changes have been made there will be nothing in the “Public Remarks” section in their public-facing reports.

As is our current policy, we will continue to provide only the “Internet Remarks” (what will soon change to “Public Remarks”) to and all IDX sites. This means that consumer reports emailed from reInsight Mobile and consumer flyers & reports displayed in Listingbook will only display Public Remarks as they are not allowed to use Agent Remarks.

Comcast email issue

We have just been notified that emails being sent from Paragon to Comcast email addresses are not making it to the recipient. LPS is currently working with Comcast to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.
This issue does not affect RE/Xplorer or Listingbook. If you have a customer at a Comcast email address and need to email them information from CMLS, please do it from one of these programs.
We will let you know when the Paragon issue is resolved.

Be careful!

Please take care when filling out your listing agreements and status change forms! The year is now 2011! Make sure to check the dates in all areas of your forms to insure the correct year has been used.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sign up now before classes fill up!!!

01/05-Listingbook Basic-9:30 am @ CMLS Office (Norwalk)

01/07-REX Tax and Statistics-10:00 am Webinar

01/11-Listingbook Advanced-9:30am Webinar

01/12-REXplorer-6:00 pm Webinar

01/19-REXplorer-10:00 am @MFCAR (Westport)

01/20-REXplorer-9:30 am @GBBR (Bridgeport)

01/20-Listingbook-1:30 pm @GBBR (Bridgeport)

01/21-REXplorer-9:30 am @NFCAR (Bethel)

01/21-Listingbook-1:30 pm @NFCAR (Bethel)

01/22-REXplorer-10:00 am @CMLS (Norwalk)

01/25-DocCentral-9:30 am Webinar

01/25-rDesk-1:00pm Webinar

01/26-Paragon-6:00 pm Webinar

01/27-REXplorer Advanced-9:30 am @ CMLS (Norwalk)

01/28-REXplorer-1:30 pm @ CMLS (Norwalk)


To protect the integrity and security of our MLS system, please be reminded that under no circumstances is anyone to share their Agent ID and Password...with anyone! (team IDs may qualify for exemption)

Section 2.6 Unauthorized Use of a System ID. Unless specifically authorized in writing by the MLS, only the Participant, Subscriber or User specifically assigned a given MLS ID is authorized to access the System using that MLS ID. Allowing any other person to use an MLS ID to access the Service, including, without limitation, the Subscriber’s Participant, other Participants, another Associated Personnel of Subscriber’s Participant, Clients, Customers, Service Providers or Vendors is expressly prohibited.

Any violation of Section 2.6 is subject to the automatic imposition of a “Fourth Tier” fine as set forth in Section 5 of Schedule C. After the first violation, if a Participant, Subscriber or User again violates this Section the Service shall impose a thirty (30) day suspension of all MLS Services and privileges. Misuse of a MLS ID or allowing the unauthorized use of a MLS ID may also subject the Subscriber to criminal prosecution or civil litigation to enjoin such unauthorized use. Because of current limitations within the GFC CMLS System, the GFC CMLS will not unreasonably deny written requests for Subscribers and Users within Teams to access the System using another Team member’s MLS ID provided that: (a) all Team members are Subscribers or Users in good standing who have their own personal MLS ID; and (b) there is a reasonable business need for such use.