Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Internet Explorer 9 Documentation

We have recently created a separate page for all of the documentation we've created for RE/Xplorer with respect to IE9. You will find instructions for setting up IE9 so REX works properly, fixing the script debugging issue, installing REX in IE9 if you get an error message, and even uninstalling IE9 and rolling back Internet Explorer to its previous version.

Click on Support in the blue bar at the top of our website, log in, and click on Internet Explorer 9 on the left column.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Danbury Tax Issue is Resolved

We recently had an issue where the tax information on Danbury properties was inaccurate- the correct current phase-in values were not displaying properly. This has been corrected and now the proper values are displaying.

PLEASE NOTE.....if you are using Vision Appraisal as your tax info source, they use the 100% assessment amount. Our system displays the phase in amount for the current year. Our amount is the proper number to use when calculating taxes.

If you have recently entered a listing for a property in Danbury, please make sure the tax information is accurate.

Friday, March 2, 2012

RE/Xplorer and IE9

If you have upgraded your browser to Internet Explorer 9, please make sure to follow these instructions in order for REX to work properly.

Naturally, if you'd prefer to have a GFC CMLS technician walk you through it, or to connect to your computer and do it for you, please call the office.