Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MLS Orientation Webinar

Click Here to join the MLS ORIENTATION Webinar being held tonight, Wednesday, November 4th from 6-7PM.  This session covers the GFC CMLS website, contacting the staff for assistance, keys and keyboxes, Rules and Regulations/Data Verification and more!  All are welcome however if you are taking this webinar to satisfy your New Member Requirements, you must be logged in for the entire webinar.  Enjoy!

Matrix Tip- Ink Saver

Do you print a lot of listings from Matrix and subsequently find yourself using a lot of ink?  
There is a feature within Matrix called Ink Saver, which allows you to print listings without the photos and maps, thus greatly reducing the amount of ink being used.  After you have selected the listing(s) you want to print, click the Print button and then look for the checkboxes on the right side of the next screen.  Placing a check in the Ink Saver box will turn on this feature and save you some ink.