Tuesday, February 14, 2017

GFC and CTMLS are working on a Merger

The GFC CMLS and CTMLS are looking to merge our two organizations to enhance the MLS experience for our combined 17,000 Realtors, as well as their respective clients and consumers.  
How does this impact you and your agents?
If you belong to both MLSs, you will no longer have to pay two sets of MLS dues
Your MLS fee of $26 a month will remain unchanged
The service and support you receive will continue with expanded service hours
You will have access to all the listings from both MLSs
In border towns where you could not see all available listings because some listings were on one MLS and some were on the other, you will now be able to get all available listings in one search 
How does this impact your clients and consumers in general?
You can now send your clients one set of search results that includes 100% of the inventory
Consumers will see a comprehensive set of MLS data on broker, agent and third-party sites without duplication
Register to attend one of the five sessions next week to hear all about it.
Space is filling up fast:  Click here to register to attend one of the sessions.

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