Friday, May 20, 2011

Paragon 5 is Now Available

In the near future, GFC CMLS is going to be upgrading our Paragon system from version 4 to version 5. Currently, users have access to both versions of Paragon: Paragon 4 is still available by using the icon in the upper right corner of the GFC CMLS homepage (; Paragon5 is now available by opening your browser and going to Eventually, Paragon 4 will be completely replaced by Paragon 5, and will we put a new icon on our homepage for it.

Hands down, the primary benefit of using Paragon 5 is that it is completely compatible with the Mac operating system and Safari browser. Currently, it is not compatible with the iPad or iPhone (although programmers are very close to having it certified for the iPad). You can access reInsight Mobile ( from either of these devices.

In addition to Safari, you can also access P5 from the Firefox, Chrome, and Opera internet browsers.

Some other reasons you should check out Paragon 5 include:
1. P5 is faster and more user friendly than its predecessor

2. It boasts more customizable reports3. Client Connect- a new module that creates a portal for your Contacts which facilitates communication regarding their saved searches.

*** As is the case with Paragon 4, you will still not be able to input or modify listings in Paragon 5, nor will you be able to see tours/ open houses. You will still need to access RE/Xplorer to perform these functions.***

Listed below are the webinars for next couple weeks! Make sure to click on the link below to register for the class of your choice.

5/24 Tuesday 9:00 am EST –

5/25 Wednesday 9:00 am EST -

5/26 Thursday 1:30 pm EST -

5/31 Tuesday 9:00 am EST -

6/1 Wednesday 9:00 am EST -

6/2 Thursday 1:30 pm EST -

6/7 Tuesday 9:00 am EST -

6/8 Wednesday 9:00 am EST -

6/9 Thursday 1:30 pm EST -

Please note: there is no dial in phone number for the webinar. The session’s audio will play through the speakers on your computer. If your computer does not have speakers, you will not be able to hear the webinar instructor.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Sign up Now!!!

May 10 - 1:30PM - REXplorer Webinar

May 11 - 9:30AM - REX Advanced (GFC CMLS office-Norwalk)

May 12 - 6:00PM - CMA Webinar

May 18 - 6:00PM - REXplorer Webinar

May 20 - 9:30AM - REXplorer (Bridgeport Board office)

May 20 - 1:30PM - Listingbook (Bridgeport Board office)

May 24 - 9:30AM - REXplorer (NFCAR office in Bethel)

May 24 - 1:30PM - Listingbook (NFCAR office in Bethel)

May 25 - 1:30PM - REXplorer (GFC CMLS office in Norwalk)

May 26 - 6:00PM - DocCentral Webinar

Our June schedule is also available by clicking here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Support documentation

You can get support documentation for our programs and other helpful links by logging in to the Support section of our website.

Go to, click Support and login.

From this section of our site, you can:

Print out the latest versions of our training materials for all of our programs (RE/Xplorer, Paragon, Listingbook, and rDesk).

Search our online knowledge base for answers to common issues.

Open up an instant message chat with a technician (during business hours).

Download free programs to help keep your computer clean of virus and spyware infections.