Monday, February 25, 2013

Short Sale Reporting

In a Short Sale situation, the listing must be marked as CTS within 48 hours of the buyer and seller reaching a meeting of the minds. Approval of the bank is a contingency of the transaction and should not affect when the listing is reported as CTS.

Attention: Admins and Assistants

If you are an assistant or admin who has your own MLS ID but often log in under the ID of the agent you are assisting, you should have the agent set up a team and then add your ID to that team. Team functionality allows you to either work on behalf of the agent or impersonate him/her. Once the Team has been set up, you can log into Matrix under your own ID and when you have to do work as the agent you can switch to the Team login directly from the Matrix homepage and have the access to the agent’s work as though you were logged in under his/her ID. This is the proper way to work as an agent, rather than logging into Matrix using their ID.

Here is a brief document explaining how to set up Team functionality within Matrix.

If you are an assistant/admin that does not have your own ID, please contact the CMLS office and we’ll help you set one up.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents Day hours

We will be open 8:30-5pm on Presidents Day, 2/18.

We will be open again with our normal hours (8:30-6pm) on Tuesday morning, 2/19.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chrome and GFC CMLS Forms

If you're using the Chrome browser and try to fill out GFC CMLS forms online and save them, it won't keep the text you've typed in to them.

One way around that is to use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Another thing you can do (if you still want to use Chrome) is to save the blank PDF form to your PC or Mac first, then re-open it from there, fill it out, then save.

Another thing you can do is disable Chrome's built-in pdf viewer. If it is disabled, you can then type in the form and save it normally.
Type in "chrome:plugins" in the web address field, and hit enter.

Look for Adobe Reader in the list of plugins, and click Disable. You may have to restart the Chrome browser for it to work correctly.

Matrix documentation and videos

We have many helpful instructional videos and documentation for Matrix available.

Click the link below, and login with your ID and password

We are open M-F 8:30am-6pm and Saturday from 9-2pm if you have any questions.
Our number is 203-840-6674 or you can call 800-474-0101.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Auditing of Listings

We are always looking for ways to ensure that the CMLS listings database is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. It is in the best interest of all CMLS users that the information that appears within the system is reliable and reported within an acceptable timeframe.

The integrity of the data within our system is not only critical to our members who rely upon the MLS system for their livelihood, but also to their customers whose CMAs, appraisals, and other property valuations are based on that same data. The downstream effects of data that is carelessly or inaccurately entered into the MLS can be profound.

To that end, we will be performing daily random audits of both active and off market listings. If your listing is selected, CMLS will contact you and request a copy of the listing agreement be sent to us within three (3) business days. Some examples of the information we will be verifying are:

1. Was the listing entered on CMLS within the required two (2) business days?

2. Were the listing and expiration dates reported correctly?

3. Does the listing agreement meet all requirements for entry into CMLS?

4. Were written permissions from the homeowner obtained for extensions, price changes, etc.?

The objective of this campaign is solely to preserve and improve the integrity of the CMLS system. Making sure our data is as accurate and timely as possible allows you to more effectively perform your job as a real estate professional.