Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Class schedule

You can check on the upcoming classes and webinars from our website here:

Monday, November 3, 2014

New Single Line Grid

We have just deployed a new display called the Single Line (Grid).  Grid functionality is new to Matrix since our upgrade to version 6.7 a few weeks ago.  You may have noticed that any custom displays you had created in Matrix prior to the upgrade were automatically converted to grids.  Grids are very flexible, allowing you to rearrange any of the columns by using the drag and drop method.  You can also quickly change their width and alignment (left, center, right), as well as delete existing columns and add new ones.  Grids give you a good basis with which to begin creating your own custom display.  We deliberately designed it with a lot of the most commonly used fields on it to assist you in using it as a template to create your own custom version.
You are able to print the grid report, but this comes with a warning:  at its default, since there are so many fields on it and it can only print in Portrait orientation, the text will be really small.  We suggest you take some time to configure it to your specifications before you attempt printing it.  There are likely many fields you will not find necessary and hence remove, creating a more readable printed version.
Please contact the CMLS office with any questions.