Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iOS8 and Matrix

We have gotten reports of Matrix not playing very nicely with the new iOS8 upgrade available for iPhones and iPads.
If you have upgraded to iOS8 on your device and have problems within Matrix, try accessing Matrix through Google Chrome rather than the Safari browser.  Users are having more success in Chrome on iOS8 than in Safari.

Matrix 6.7 Upgrade

On Monday, September 29th, we will be getting a fairly significant upgrade to our Matrix system.  
In order for this upgrade to be installed, the entire Matrix system (including Matrix Mobile) will be down for about three hours, beginning at 10pm.
Click here for a one page upgrade announcement.
This announcement is also included in a mailing to the heads of all CMLS offices that is going out this week.  
It highlights the major enhancements you will be able to access once the upgrade is completed.
Additionally, we have created several short training videos on the most significant features and enhancements of the upgrade:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Upcoming Matrix and Listingbook Classes

SIgn up for one of our informative, dynamic training sessions.  Whether it be hands-on or webinar, we have classes to fit everyone's busy schedule!

Matrix I                     6-9pm                     Webinar     9/25
Custom Displays  11-11:30am           Webinar     9/26
Open Lab               9:30am-12:30pm     Norwalk     9/29
MLS Orientation     6-7pm                    Webinar     9/30
Click here to register online or feel free to call us at 203-840-6674 x 300.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Computer Repair

Did you know that the technicians at GFC CMLS can help with more than just Matrix or Listingbook questions?
If your PC won’t boot up, can’t connect to the internet, or is just running slowly, you can drop it off at our office and we will work on it for you.
We can also diagnose and tune it up, backup your data or transfer it to a new computer, install new hardware such as a hard drive or memory, install new software or update existing software, remove malware and virus infections, install security software, and optimize your computer.
The best part is, all of our repair services are done as a no-cost member benefit.
If you are a GFC CMLS subscriber in good standing (i.e.- you pay your dues), we will fix your computer for free.
Keep in mind that you have to leave the PC here, usually for a couple of days.
If you are interested in our repair services, please call ahead and make an appointment.